Tuesday, October 24, 2006






Steven Altis said...


Insensible said...

So the messed up part of all this is, if a human touches a baby duck, adult ducks (to include parents) will kill that baby. Uaually by pecking them to death.

So even though she saves them from a car, her saving them will still kill them.

Unless she has the mutant power of "not leaving a people scent on baby ducklings".

Bully said...

Ahhh, not in the Marvel Universe. Those are probably hyper-intelligent mutant ducklings or timetravelling ducklings of Immortus or Latverian ducklings.

Seriously, I didn't know that, but take a closer look: she ain't touching them! (Check the shadows)

Molly is smarter than we give her credit for!

EM said...

Only a little stuffed bull would notice the McCloskey-Runaways connection.

Roland Dodds said...

Those are some nice covers Bully! I really love the Runaways one.

David said...

That's... diseased. Your bull-brain is rewiring itself in frightening new ways.