Friday, August 18, 2006

They love me in Poland

(File this one under "Boring metapost about the mechanics of blogging"...)

StatCounter, the website hits and referrals tracker of choice here at Comics Oughta Be Fun, has just rolled out one of those bells-and-whistles features that might be of use to a business or commercial site but which is utterly useless but oh so fun to those of us in the Spider-Man Did What?!? Blogosphere Community: a Google Map image that shows you where your hits are coming from:

Google Map!

On the master image inside StatCounter, each individual "pin" is clickable to show you exactly what geographical location your surfers are coming from. (So thanks for browsing, Tom Giarrosso of 217 West Eighty-Seventh Street, Apartment 3A, from the left-hand side of the dining room table!)

I want to thank those of you all clustered around the tri-state area and up and down the Atlantic coast, my West Coast posse, the Bully-fans gathered in the Louisiana Purchase, all me mates in the UK, and I hope that sole browser in Canada found my 10% Canadian content by law (I think I blogged about Alpha Flight a few months ago.)

My only disappointment? No browsers from Iceland. Which must mean my celebrity crush is occupied with some other small cute animal right now...:
She gives me the bird



Roland Dodds said...

No Icelandic folks! Dang!

The Doc said...

As your lone Canadian reader, I must say that I haven't yet read the Alpha Flight entry, but will go there soon-ish and leave my approval.

Anonymous said...

Bully, I'm hurt. Your LONE Canadian reader? I certainly reside in Canada, and it's not Alberta that I call home. Ontario is a Canadian province, though I'm sure sometimes it wishes it wasn't.

Why you gotta play me like that, Bully? ;_;

Conformation Word: arwryip

The sound of an Onatrio trillium crying.

Bully said...

Anonymous, I just realized it only tracks my last 100 hits (coz i'm too cheap to use the pay version of StatCounter), so that's why you didn't show up earlier.

I just looked and spot someone lookin' at my sight from Brockville, Ontario (You?) as well as a second Albertan, so I put my hand over my little stuffed heart and salute you with a hearty chorus of O Canada!

Anonymous said...

Brockville, Ontario is indeed me.


I'm so happy.

Yay for bully!

word verification: oxdbcflk

The sound of pure, unadulterated joy that comes from being recognized by bully. *blush*

Bully said...

Awww, shucks. John (the big guy who helps me sometimes) wanted me to tell you Brockville raised a nice memory for him: it was the home of an FM radio station he used to listen to back in the early 1980s when he attended St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York. Brilliant crisp clean FM pop sounds for late nights, radiowaves gently drifting across the St. Lawrence River. Brockville is tops in our book.

Dante said...

Hey, I'm from Poland and I'm very unhappy you haven't actually commented that you have one (well, I think more, because my friend likes your blog, and that pin is neither him, nor me) reader from Poland. :)