Friday, December 31, 1999

Y2K was caused by Two-Face!

Panels from The Batman Chronicles #21 (Summer 2000), script, pencils, and inks by The Pander Brothers; colors by Lee Loughridge, letters by Ken Lopez

In his quest for healthier eating, Jamie Oliver becomes a supervillain

Panel from Superman Y2K one-shot (February 2000); script by Joe Kelley; pencils by Butch Guice; inks by Kevin Conrad, Mark Propst, and Richard Bonk; colors by Pat Garrahy; color separations by Digital Chameleon; letters by Clem Robins

Thursday, December 30, 1999

The moon evolves mechanical tentacles, but it's far from the weirdest thing Warren Ellis writes today

Panels from The Authority (1999 series) #10 (February 2000), script by Warren Ellis, pencils by Bryan Hitch, inks by Paul Neary, colors by Laura Depuy, letters by Ryan Cline

Monday, December 27, 1999

In Which I Fumble the Ball

Panel from Jenny Sparks: The Secret History of the Authority #1 (August 2000), script by Mark Millar, pencils by John McCrea, inks by James Hodgkins, colors by Ian Hannin, letters by Bill O'Neil