Wednesday, October 29, 1986

Biggest news story of the year, and they buried it on the sports page

We warned you on October 9!

Panels from Strange Adventures #117 (June 1960), script by John Broome, pencils and inks by Murphy Anderson

Thursday, October 09, 1986

Whoops Apocalypse

Please stay inside today and do not go out for at least three to four thousand years.

Panel from The Outsiders v.1 #27 (January 1988), script by Mike W. Barr, pencils and inks by Erik Larsen, colors by Adrienne Roy, letters by Albert DeGuzman

Friday, August 29, 1986

Today's a bad day for Astrid Olafson

Panel from World's Finest #322 (December 1985), script by Dwight J. Zimmerman, pencils by Keith Giffen, inks by Karl Kesel, colors by Nansi Hoolahan, letters by Duncan Andrews

Thursday, May 01, 1986

Welcome to New York, Justice Peace...Hope You Survive the Experience!

Panels from Thor #371 (September 1986), script by Walt Simonson, pencils by Sal Buscema, inks by Bret Blevins, colors by Christie Scheele, letters by John Workman, Jr.

Monday, March 31, 1986

Today: It's your absolute last chance to get a low, low price on Cybernauts

Subscription ad from X-Factor #3 (April 1986)