Saturday, April 22, 2017

365 Days of Defiance, Day 112: Females are strong as hell / Unbreakable!

Hey, I'm only a little stuffed bull age 6 years and 9 months (which is a very good age and three-quarters to be), but even I know that access to birth control is an essential and important right for women (and hey, for men too) in America today. So to insists the Prez-ident of the United States, Beth Ross, the Commander-in-Chief you and me and everybody in America voted for in 2016. (sob)

Panels from the Prez story "Trigger Warnings" in Catwoman: Election Night one-shot (January 2017), script by Mark Russell, pencils by= Ben Caldwell, inks by Mark Morales, colors by Jeremy Lawson, letters by Travis Lanham

Just to prove that despite having a progressively minded teenage girl in the Oval Office in this wonderful fictional universe, birth control is under attack by the US Senate because we can't have nice things. Nice things like an easy-to-access and fun-to-eat minty birth-control called "Mintopause." Heck, I('m a boy, stuffed, and only six, and I'd eat 'em.

Because a capable Prez can handle more than just one issue on her plate at the same time and yet still only ask for one scoop of ice cream, Beth is also introducing anti-gun violence legislature. Since she can't stop the sales of guns due to modern people somehow needing to have a not actually-that-well-regulated militia, Prez introduces legislation to restrict sales of ammunition. Because it's not people with guns who kill people, it's people with guns + ammunition who kill people! Of course, her proposal is gonna get vetoed by Congress faster than Superman on laundry day. Wait, I forgot to include the word "folded."

But Prez (of course in this wonderful, sweet, fictional universe), has an ace up the sleeve of her sleeveless top. If the sale of and easy access to bullets or any accessory that can be used in the discharge of a firearm (important distinction there) are federally protected by the Constitution, then what shape would you make birth control in?

Later, Prez met the Pope and everybody smiled and had a good meeting.

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