Monday, July 04, 2016

Today in Comics History: Baby, you're a firework

Wow! Kate Kane and gal pal Maggie Sawyer sure are havin' a fun Fourth of July back in the 1940s! Why, they're spending it at Coney Island whatever the equivalent of Gotham's Coney Island is and having a dee-lightful day!

Panels from DC Comics: Bombshells (digital series) #8 (September 2015); script by Marguerite Bennett; pencils, inks, and colors by Marguerite Sauvage; letters by Wes Abbott

Neat-o! That all looks like some good time old-fashioned Fourth o' July fun. Why, what could be even more fun that that!



Well, Happy Independence Day, everybody!

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Blam said...

Strapless Rollercoaster is my new band name.