Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day Cards for the Vexingly Dedicated Comics-addict

If'n you're like me, you're panicking because you forgot to buy your sweetie, special someone, or significant otter a Valentine's card. Too late? Not with these handy-dandy all-purpose cheese-and-onion flavoured Valentine's Day cards courtesy of me an' Irving Forbush! And it's so easy: simply photograph your computer screen, transfer the digital image to your computer, crop and color-correct the digital files, print them out on your color printer, trim them properly and then scan them on your scanner, then just print 'em, cut 'em out, fold 'em, and give 'em to your special somebody! It couldn't be easier!

Or, you could just give 'em a half a box of chocolate, which is what I usually do. "Sorry," I say. "I got hungry on the way."

"Valentines" from Not Brand Echh #13 (May 1969), script by Roy Thomas, pencils by Ronn Foss, inks by John Verpoorten, letters by Herb Cooper

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Blam said...

Hmm. Replace that sign Pogo's holding with Irving's last name and it's kinda racy.