Monday, September 21, 2015

365 Days of Star Wars Comics, Day 264: Belly Shirts of the Star Wars Universe, Day 2: I'm pretty sure this scene is covered in Joseph Campbell, too

Panels from Star Wars: Legacy (2006 series) #38 (July 2009), co-plot and script by John Ostrander, co-plot and pencils by Jan Duursema, inks by Dan Parsons, colors by Brad Anderson, letters by Michael Heisler


-- MrJM said...

"They don't teach you to defend against navel tactics at the academy!"

-- MrJM

Blam said...

Given her tactics "co-ploy" might actually be appropriate here but I don't think it's what you meant to type, Bully... 8^) Also, I can't figure out if that's D-Man or Wally Ut.