Saturday, May 09, 2015

365 Days of Star Wars Comics, Day 129: Doodley Doodley Doodley

Today, let's open Alan Smithee's Little Book of Cinematic Techniques, an invaluable guide to watchin' movies and understanding how they're made, if not necessarily why. Today, let's examine the clever storytelling trick invented by 1940s Bob Hope movies that's well known to the cinemati as Doodley Doodley Doodley. What's that, you may ask? Well, let's go straight to the book!:

Doodley Doodley Doodley (noun): a cinematic technique used to set up an extremely unlikely situation that a character protests, followed by a smash cut to the character doing exactly that thing.

For example:

SKIPPER: It's so easy, Professor! All we have to do is get Gilligan married to the monkey, and we'll get off the island!
GILLIGAN: Oh no! Not me! No way, uh uh! I'm not marrying a monkey!

doodley doodley doodley

PROFESSOR: We are gathered here today...

Or, in the Star Wars Universe:

Panels from "Lucky Stars" in Star Wars Tales #15 (March 2003), script by Brian Augustyn, pencils by Paco Medina, inks by Joe Sanchez, colors by Michelle Madsen, letters by Steve Dutro

doodley doodley doodley

More Leia fashion tomorrow!

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