Tuesday, February 11, 2014

At 13th Dimension: "Thirteen Days a Week: A Beatles Comics Countdown" continues!

All this week on 13th Dimension, it's Beatles Week! While I'm trying to get caught up on KirbyTech (I promise I will!), my best pal John (my intern and research assistant) has written about some of the greatest Beatles appearances in comic books—a lucky baker's dozen of them, come to think of it! Tonight, installment number two, counting down from 10 to 8 and starring Ben Grimm, Pinky and the Brain, and Herbie Popnecker!

I asked him to, but John didn't include this Beatles moment in comic books that I clipped out and thrust at him hopefully:

Panel from Not Brand Echh #8 (June 1968), script by Roy Thomas, pencils and inks by John Verpoorten, letters by Joe Rosen

Is it petty of me to point out that the colorist for this story (Stan Goldberg, maybe?) got the colors of the Sgt. Pepper uniforms wrong? Naw, that would be nitpicking to point out that John should be in neon green, Ringo in hot pink, Paul in sky blue, and George in Jolly-Olly-Orange.

Once again, that's Beatles Week at 13th Dimension! We hope you will enjoy the show!

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