Thursday, January 16, 2014

365 Days of KirbyTech, Day 16: Reed Richards's Prognostication Projector

Remember Reed's Heat-Image Tracer?: a fantastic piece of KirbyTech that allowed Dr. R. and his accompanying trio of genetically-enhanced comrades to see heat images of the past, which is a device pretty much useless in a building where there is living a Human Torch. But never satisfied with slapping a label on it and saying "done!," Reed continues to tinker and improve his devices, or create new innovations based on his previous successes, or put an "i" in front of the name and sell it for twice as much. Witness, for example, the Prognostication Projector!

Splash panel from Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine #9 (October 2001), script by Tom DeFalco, co-plot and layouts by Erik Larsen, co-plot and colors by Eric Stephenson, pencils by Ron Frenz, inks by Joe Sinnott, letters by Richard Starkings

Unlike the Heat-Image Tracer, which actually read temperature changes in an area on such a subatomic level that it could reproduce and project actual events in real time, the Prognostication Projector is a powerful computer brain that, when programmed with huge amounts of data (more than, say, on a floppy disc), can project elements and actions that are likely to happen in the future. Also, it has a big square glowing Kirby-On-Button.

In short, we're about to see the events that will occur later in the miniseries. I predict a Wolverine guest-appearance!

So, what do you suppose Reed, Ben, and Johnny are about to see?


Update notification! As I promised on Day One of KirbyTech, I'll update previous entries if and when I find out new information or additional major appearances of the mechanics we're scopin' out, and that I'd alert you to it in the most recent entry. And here we go: I've just updated my entry on the Enclave's Transfer-Grid to include a new appearance. Head on over there and check it out! (Edited, added text is in green!)

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