Monday, August 12, 2013

365 Days of DC House Ads, Day 224: Batman is a jerk*

House ad for Batman (1940 series) #13 (October-November 1942); printed in Detective Comics #68 (October 1942)
Comic cover art: pencils and inks by Jerry Robinson

What's this? Batman tossing Robin out of Wayne Manor? Why, yes! Remember, Bronze Age Batman doesn't have the monopoly on being a jerk...occasionally it's Golden Age Batman too!

Panels from "The Batman Plays a Lone Hand" in Batman #13 (October-November 1942), script by Don Cameron, pencils by Bob Kane, figure inks by Jerry Robinson, background inks and letters by George Roussos

Also in this issue: the origin of the joke "No soap, radio!" Yes, folks...Batman did it first!

This ish also features the first and final appearance of that popular 1942 character, Cranky Old Man Who Doesn't Like the Batman Radio Show!

Later, Batman revealed it was all a ploy to save Robin from the criminal mobs of the underworld which had targeted the Boy Wonder because he's much easier to spot than Batman. Batman admitted that he would rather have his own two arms torn off by rabid panthers than live without Robin. (I made up the part about the rabid panthers.) And so Dick Grayson never, ever left Batman again. Not never!



SallyP said...

You know Bats...if you dressed the kid in slightly less bright colors and actually gave him some pants, perhaps he wouldn't be so...obvious.

Blam said...

"You're endangering us by wearing the colors of your Robin costume in your civilian identity, Dick. I'm sorry; you have to go."

"You bought me these clothes..."


"... and you have a friggin' picture of me as Robin on your desk..."