Saturday, July 06, 2013

Captain Tootsie Month, Day 6: That bear from Day 1 seeks revenge

"Captain Tootsie in the North Woods," printed in The Adventures of Bob Hope #8 (April-May 1951 ), by Bill Schreiber


JonJ said...

In Episode 3 the bear gets to the Tootsie Rolls first, and lapses into a diabetic coma.

Unknown said...

"That's deep enough"? It's only 3 feet deep! That bear is going to be eating Tootsie-flavored kids for lunch.

Jason Glor said...

"I can't think of a better substitute for the lunch we sacrificed!"

Ugh. I can. How about some real food instead of more candy?

Blam said...

Seriously. This is entrapment. For all they know the bear wouldn't have come near them at all if they hadn't lured it with all of their food. I'm beginning to think that a diet of nothing but Tootsie Rolls might actually impair one's judgment.

Also: "Cherry Chocolate Orange Lemon-Lime"? Eww.