Friday, July 12, 2013

Captain Tootsie Month, Day 12: Captain Tootsie in Walking Tall

"Captain Tootsie Shows 'Em How to Walk on Stilts," from All-American Western #119 (April-May 1951), by Bill Schreiber


Unknown said...

"Don't lift your legs so high, Fatso".

Why, that kid must have at least an extra 15 pounds on him...way to mentor the kid, Captain! The shame of that nickname will surely persuade to stop eating so much.

(But don't stop eating delicious Tootsie Rolls. That would be, well...wrong.)

Blam said...

I think "With utter disregard for HIS OWN safety" [emphasis mine] doesn't really describe the situation properly. The "Holy $#!% I'd better skip town before they tell their parents about this" look on his face when he says "No more stilt-walking out on the road!" is a bit more like it.

Bully said...

You know, it just occurred to me: I think that's the same truck of manure that Biff Tannen crashed into.