Saturday, June 01, 2013

Bear Attack! Month, Day 1: The Mightiest Beaver of Them All

As we all know, bears, while they have probably never kicked anyone in the crotch in comic books, still totally kick ass. Even tho' they have never gotten their own series, bears attacking is one of the most common tropes of comic books both yesterday and today. Yes, even in Legion of Super-Heroes! (See Legion of Super-Heroes v.2 #289, "Ultra Boy Wrestles the Giant Space-Bear of Oxyon-Prime!")

That's why I've decided to devote the entire month of June, the month in which a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of love and marriage, to Bear Attacks! Each and every day you'll see a four-color bear lunging at you from out of the page, so bloodthirsty and vicious you could swear he's gonna tear your throat right freakin' out. In fact, it would be better to just put down the comic book and walk away quickly to avoid the Bear Attack! Leave that to the professionals, like me, as I proudly present Bear Attack! Month!

Panels from "Bring In Pow-Wow Smith Dead!" in Detective Comics (1937 series) #198 (August 1953),
pencils and inks by Leonard Starr


Chopper Dan said...

This seems to be the perfect time to promote Ethan Nicolle's (artist of Axe Cop) webcomic "Bearmageddon". Bears, bear attacks, mutant bear attacks. It's go it all.

Chopper Dan said...

It's "got" it all :P

Blam said...

I'll just ignore that terrible "Bear Mitzvah" hover-text pun and direct everyone's attention to the nifty flashback-panel borders.

Bully said...

I know, those panel borders are pretty cool! While I doubt they're authentic Indian designs, they certainly have a nice appearance of such.