Saturday, June 08, 2013

365 Days of DC House Ads, Day 159: Who wrote the copy for this ad...Dr. Thirteen?

House ad for Sensation Mystery #111 (September-October 1952)
and The Phantom Stranger (1952 series) #1 (August-September 1952),
printed in House of Mystery #6 (September 1952)
Comic cover art: Sensation Mystery #111: pencils by Carmine Infantino, inks by Sy Barry
The Phantom Stranger #1: pencils by Murphy Anderson, girl figure pencilled by Frank Giacoia, inks by Sy Barry

Ad designed and lettered by Ira Schnapp


Smurfswacker said...

What a bizarre way to encourage kids not to read your books. Sounds like it was the Comics Code Authority that wrote the copy!

Blam said...

You heard DC, kids: It's fun to search through mysterious dark tunnels. Try to get home in time for dinner!