Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Today in Comics History: Wolverine finally remembers where he buried his yellow and blue uniform

Panel from Wolverine and the X-Men #29 (July 2013), script by Jason Aaron, pencils and inks by Ramón Pérez, colors by Laura Martin, letters by Joe Caramagna

Hey, this one isn't really comics history, because it takes place today! Yep, today, Wednesday, May 15, 2013, Wolverine and his students buried a time capsule on the grounds of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. This event was mandatory, which meant that none of them were able to duck out down to Salem Center for new comic book day. Hey, Quentin Quire needs that copy of Red Hood and the Outlaws #20, Logan! Geez.

On the other hand, since this scene is happening twenty-five years in the future, perhaps this post should be titled "Tomorrow in Comics History." Wait, on the other other hand, (as Arex might say) this scene takes place twenty-five years in the future but it's an event that happened today, so logically it should be "Yesterday in Comics History." On the other other other hand...

Ow. My little stuffed brain hurts. I bet Wolverine understands time travel a lot better.

Panels from Age of Ultron #8 (July 2013), script by Brian Michael Bendis, pencils and inks by Brandon Peterson, colors by Paul Mounts, letters by Cory Petit



Robt Seda-Schreiber said...

I have to say, the geek in me thought it was pretty darn coolio that the date was right on & they buried the capsule on the very day I was readin' the comic. Woo-hoo ~ synchronicity!

Michael Hoskin said...

The Age of Ultron art really captures the grandeur of ink blots carrying on a conversation.

Bully said...

Robt: Yes, I thought the same thing! I've seen a few other examples of this recently, but can I immediately put my hoof on them? No, I cannot. Back to the research board!

Michael: To be fair to the comic, I cropped out the lower half of the second panel from Age of Ultron #8.