Saturday, May 04, 2013

Psylocke Psaturday, Week #14: You got a plastic name and a plastic heart

Due to our X-Tra Large Jimmy Olsen, Secret Agent installment earlier, I'll do a quick Psylocke overview, one that's skimpy (hah!) and follow up next time with the survey of X-Men Annual #10: The One with the X-Babies, Oh No. Instead, here's a brief (hee hee!) peek at the Marvel Universe edition of the Psylocke Action Pfigure!

Please do not let her play with your Cyclops action figure.

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Blam said...

I'm getting mixed signals here. The warning says "Not for children under 3 years." The top of the card says "Ages 4+". The artwork says "Go in the other room, kiddo, Daddy needs to take a closer look at this."