Friday, May 31, 2013

365 Days of DC House Ads, Day 151: Doom doom doom doom doom, doom doom do DOOM, DOOM doom do-doom, DOOM do-doom doom doooom, doom doom dooom, do-do-DOOOM!

House ad for Showcase #94 (August-September 1977); printed in World's Finest Comics #246 (August-September 1977)

I know that most fans are aware of the coincidence of a team of super-powered misfits headed by a wheelchair-bound leader debuting at both Marvel (The X-Men) and DC (The Doom Patrol) within a handful of months of each other...

Left: Cover of The [Uncanny] X-Men #1 (1963 series) (September 1963); pencils by Jack Kirby; inks by Paul Reinman, Sol Brodsky, or Frank Giacoia (?), colors by Stan Goldberg, letters by Artie Simek
Right: Cover of My Greatest Adventure (1955 series) #80 [The Doom Patrol] (June 1963), pencils and inks by Bruno Premiani, letters by Joe Letterese

...but has anybody commented that both made their return as "all-new" and "all-different" in issues numbered 94?

Left: Cover of The [Uncanny] X-Men #94 (1963 series) (August 1975); pencils by Gil Kane, inks by Dave Cockrum, letters by Dan Crespi
Right: Cover of Showcase (1956 series) #94 [The Doom Patrol] (August-September 1977), pencils and inks by Jim Aparo

The mind, she boggles.


JonJ said...

Hmm, Count Nefaria... Come to think of it, the name should have been a giveaway.

Is it too late for me to be in the Superman movie?

Delta said...

"Is it too late for me to be in the Superman movie?"

Not if he flies back in time to pick you up.

Delta said...

.... or forward. Or something.

googum said...

"If it was so great before, why'd it get cancelled?"

I blame Mento. God, I hate him.