Friday, March 15, 2013

Comics News for March 15, 2013

"Comic books found to contain trace amounts of horse" "Marvel announces new reboot of 1983 comic" "One of Hank Pym's inventions finally works" "pope comic book"


Bully said...

From top to bottom:

Rawhide Kid #53 (August 1966), pencils and inks by Larry Lieber, colors by Stan Goldberg, letters by Artie Simek

The Life of Pope John Paul II one-shot (January 1983), pencils by John Tartaglione, inks by Joe Sinnott, colors by Marie Severin

Age of Ultron #1 (May 2013), pencils by Bryan Hitch, inks by Paul Neary, colors by Paul Mounts

Blam said...

Fun fact: John Paul II's cape was rewoven by Mother Teresa from the indestructible blankets he was found swaddled in as a baby.