Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Comics News for January 2, 2013

"Batman wants ice cream" "Falcon ruins another New Year's Eve party" "Avengers Astonished to realize Bendis no longer writing them"


Sean Murphy said...

Say, who drew these?

Bully said...

Top to bottom:

Marvel Premiere #49 (August 1979), script by Mark Evanier, breakdowns by Sal Buscema, finishes by Dave Simons, colors by Ben Sean, letters by Jim Novak

Batman #272 (February 1976), script by David Vern, pencils by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, inks by Ernie Chan

Avengers #88 (May 1971), plot by Harlan Ellison, script by Roy Thomas, pencils by Sal Buscema, inks by Jim Mooney

Sean Murphy said...


Bully said...

Thank you for reminding me I should credit these!

Chance said...

"No Long Writing Them" needs to be "No Longer"