Thursday, January 24, 2013

365 Days of DC House Ads, Day 24

House ad for Time Warp #4 (April-May 1980); printed in Detective Comics #489 (April 1980)
Comic cover art: pencils and inks by Mike Kaluta
Ad designed and lettered by Gaspar Saladino


Ron Hogan said...

LET'S put out Time Warp uh-GEHN!

Blam said...

Fun fact: Journey to the Outer Realms of the Unknown was itself one of the titles that fell victim to the DC Implosion. Some of its stories saw print in Cancelled Comics Cavalcade #3 alongside those from Beyond the Hidden Doorway to the Forgotten and Untold Tales of Secret Mysterious Amazement.

Bully said...

I thought it was one of those Silver Age Amalgam titles!