Monday, January 21, 2013

365 Days of DC House Ads, Day 21

House ad for Batman and the Outsiders v.1 #32 (April 1986); printed in Detective Comics #560 (March 1986)
Art pencilled and inked by Alan Davis, reversed from the cover of BATO #32:

Note that in the ad Halo's aura is yellow, her "brilliant light" power, but on the cover it's blue, her "holographic distortion effect" aura. Which means
  1. On the cover, Halo can't be bothered to show up for Batman's leave-taking and instead just sends a halo-graphic image;
  2. I know waaaaaay too much about Halo.


Zundian said...

I think it's odd that the cover was re-drawn with everyone facing the other direction. It's most noticeable on Looker, thanks to her terrible outfit.

Come to think of it, I never realized that 1/2 the outsiders have asymmetrical looks, that must have been a nightmare book to draw.

SallyP said... Looker supposed to be a foot taller than everyone else?

Bully said...

Zundian: You know, I didn't even notice that they'd tweaked the costumes when they reversed it! Good eye.

Sally: Good question! And no, she isn't! According to Who's Who in the DC Universe, Looker is 5'10". Geo-Force: 6'4" (yowza!). Black Lightning: 6'1". Halo: 5'7". Metamorpho: 6'1". Katana: 5'2". And, just so we all remember it: the JLA Satellite: 22,300 miles.

Looker is wearing your standard-issue superheroine high heels, though.

Kid Kyoto said...

This as is funny when you think about where Batman went next.

There really should be a panel where Batman says something like "I've had it with your two-bit Outsiders! These are my new partners!"

And standing behind him would be Justice League Detroit.

Ah Batman the 80s were all downhill until Dark Knight weren't they?

Blam said...

And, just so we all remember it: the JLA Satellite: 22,300 miles.

Ha! I so miss this place when skipping even a day's visit.

I've not read this issue in ages, but I think that the last straw for Batman was that in almost three years the Outsiders still hadn't learned how to get a cool group shadow going.

-- MrJM said...

What's the light source in that picture? Guess I'll just blame Halo.

-- MrJM