Thursday, November 01, 2012

More Cow/Bull Month, Day 1: Those aren't dogs

Hey, you know, you're right, Mister The Bruce Dickinson! This blog does eed more cows and bulls! That's why this little stuffed bull presents to you, every day this month, a comic book panel or panels featuring my kinda folks: bovines and cattle and steers, oh my! Guernseys, Jerseys, Hereford, Anguses (Angi?), Limousins (vroom! vroom!) and Ayrshires and many more! You can call them bulls and cows...I call them Uncle Dave and Cousin Bossie! So all this month you will know where to go for MORE COW/BULL!

Panel from "The Rustling Romeo" in Whiz Comics #27 (February 1942), pencils by Ken Battefield

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Blam said...

My feet got tired, so I'm gonna get me a stampeding bull to stomp my grapes for me.
Well, I herd it through the grapevine.