Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Don't be like Ambush Bug!

Panels from Ambush Bug Nothing Special one-shot (September 1992); plot and pencils by Keith Giffen, script by Robert Loren Fleming; inks by Al Gordon; colors by Anthony Tollin; letters by John Costanza


Blam said...

Julie Schwartz's bouncing head says: "You know it's a dramatic moment if Giffen broke the 6-panel grid."

Bully said...

It actually IS a 9-panel grid, Blam!--I just rearranged and re-sized it. Who says this isn't the Mighty Buly Age of Re-Editing?

Blam said...

Y'know, I thought that the last panel looked fuzzy. Clearly, as much as I love that issue, I don't quite have it committed to memory. And I appreciate you not pointing out that I said "6-panel grid" when I meant "9-panel grid".