Monday, November 05, 2012

366 Days with Alfred Pennyworth, Day 310

"Interview: Alfred Pennyworth" from Batman: Secret Files #1 (October 1997), script by Doug Moench, pencils by Jim Aparo, inks by Bill Sienkiewicz, colors by Tom McCraw


Ron Hogan said...

Aparo/Sienkiewicz is another one of those pairings that surprises me by how attractive it is, much like the Staton/Sienkiewicz artwork you posed a year or so back!

Blam said...

"I arrived from Britain when Master Bruce was quite young, sir, to be welcome into a life of rewarding employment by his parents, Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Martha Wayne."
"Really? I heard that Bruce was a grown man, his parents were dead, he had adopted a ward, and you were, pardon the expression, fat."
"We don't talk about that, sir."