Monday, February 28, 2011

365 Days with the Warriors Three, Day 59

Hasbro's "Harpoon Blade Fandral" action figure (2011) from Thor: The Mighty Avenger, Series 2

"Fandral the Dashing is known as much for his skill with a blade as for his striking good looks. Many have swooned at his attention, but many more enemies of Asgard have fallen beneath his furious attack. There is no edge Fandral cannot turn into a weapon, and no clash that does not go exactly as he plans.

"Defeat the forces of evil wherever you and your Harpoon Blade Fandral figure find them. This handsome hero is already a skilled warrior, but his harpoon accessory makes him especially prepared for crushing his foes! The battles you and your mighty FANDRAL figure fight are sure to become legendary."

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grandpaboy said...

Is he also known for his skill with the T-square?