Friday, June 12, 2009

Bully's Sketchbook: Spike

Hey, let's count down Bully's Top Ten Favorite Spikes!

10. Spike Lee!
9. Spike Jonze!
8. Spike the Bulldog!


7. Spike Jones!
6. Spike by Puffy AmiYumi!
5. The Golden Spike in the Transcontinental Railroad!


4. Spike by Elvis Costello!
3. Snoopy's brother Spike!
2. Spike Milligan!


And the number one of my favorite Spikes...

1. Spike!

Me and Spike

Yes, I love Spike, the creator of webcomic Templar, Arizona, who (whom? ) I met at last year's MoCCA (you know, the one that was even hotter than this year's). Kind Spike not only agreed to pose with me as seen above (one of the highlights of the show for me—don't tell anyone, but I've got a little stuffed crush on Spike!), but she drew this wonderful sketch of me. (Do you think she knew I was a little infatuated with her?)

Bully, by Spike

Golly! She was sweet. And her comics are pretty wonderful, too! You too can pick up Spike's Templar, Arizona collections here. Don't let on that I really, really like her! I'd be so embarrassed I'd blush.

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