Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ten of a Kind: Could it be that it's the season of the shark?

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Anonymous said...

That Action Comics is from a particularly pungent (but enjoyable, like foreign cheese) period for Superman. The writers (either Cary Bates or Elliot S. Maggin!) enjoyed pitting Superman agin thinly veiled pop culture figures -- a shark turned into a man in this issue, a Popeye ringer (Capt. Strong) and some kind of Capt. Marvel knockoff.

I only just learned about these wacky Action Comics in the last few years. They don't cost much and they are a load of fun. If you don't have any, go get 'em. Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson!

Anonymous said...

Sub-Mariner #5 with Tiger Shark on the cover is one of my favorite "shark" covers.

Jeff Wetherington
The Comic Guide at Athena Guides

H said...

That Superman period is one I remember greatly enjoying as a lad especially the Jaws homage cover. There was no greater super-villain in mainstream culture that year than a great white shark. Of course Superman should fight one!