Tuesday, February 06, 2007

T'Challa, Master Strategist

Okay, you'll remember last night that Magneto had captured the Avengers in Avengers #111 (and hopefully you don't remember anything else about that scene). He holds enslaved under his mental command some of the biggest powerhouses of Earth's Mightiest: The Invincible Iron Man! The Star-Spangled Avenger from World War II, Captain America! The light-on-her-dance-feet and certain-never-to-go-insane Scarlet Witch! And some X-Men.

Whoa. Magneto's taken out some of the big guns of the Avengers. Luckily, Thor, the Vision, and the Black Panther remain free to plot their rescue and attack against Magneto. But there's power in numbers against such a dangerous supervillain, so our three heroes discuss recruiting some ringers to help:

Daredevil #99 panel
All panels are from Daredevil and the Black Widow #99, May 1973;
script by Steve Gerber, art by Sam Kweskin and Syd Shores

Well, that sounds logica...huh? Rewind that by us one more time, Black Panther...?
Daredevil #99 panel

N-n-n-no, T'Challa, I think I'm going to vote against you on this one. The man we need is Reed Richards, maybe, or Ben Grimm, or if you wanna fight magnetic with magic, Doc Strange. But...Daredevil? Only thing he's got going for him is that maybe he doesn't have a huge amount of metal in his billy club.

The Vision ain't helpin' matters either, though. Oh yes, Spider-Man. He'd be useful against Magneto, what with those metal wristbands Spidey wears and everything. And Luke Cage's big chain. And Falcon's mechanical wings. I'm certain none of those would be a liability fighting against a man who can control freakin' magnetism.

Sheesh. Why don't you just invite Hawkeye, for Stan's sake?


Daredevil #99 panel

I swear. I luvs the Avengers. But sometimes...bag of hammers.


SallyP said...

Well heck, why not just recuit Squirrel Girl? No metal, and didn't she defeat Dr. Doom or something?

Anonymous said...

They need Daredevil because they are going to attack... in the dark!

Adam Barnett said...

sallyp.... I think you're thinking of Sue Storm clocking Dr. Doom with a vase. It's on my blog somewhere.

That's what the Avengers need.... a vase!

Bully said...

That's what the Avengers need.... a vase!

Knowing them, it would go something like this:

THOR: Mayhap we might strike the varlot Magneto with yonder vase!
BLACK PANTHER: Great idea, Thor! I'll grab it so we can whallop him with it.

(they run away)

JARVIS (entering): Oh my! Where on earth has the metal urn containing the ashes of Mister Stark's mother gone?

Bully said...

PS: Sally was right--Squirrel Girl did defeat Doom once.

Brandon Bragg said...

This just reminds me of all those times Colossus and Wolverine take shots at Magneto after he's taken them down time and time again.