Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

Thor #343
Thor #343
Thor #343
Thor #343

They laid him in his ship,
With horse and harness,
As on a funeral pyre.
Odin placed
A ring upon his finger,
And whispered in his ear.

Thor #343
They launched the burning ship!
It floated far away
Over the misty sea,
Till like the sun it seemed,
Sinking beneath the waves.
Balder returned no more!

Thor #343
So perish the old Gods!
But out of the sea of Time
Rises a new land of song,
Fairer than the old.
Over its meadows green
Walk the young bards and sing.
     —from "Tegner's Drapa" by Henry Wordsworth Longfellow

Panels from Thor #343 (May 1984), script, pencils, and inks by Walter Simonson;
colors by Christie Scheele; letters by John Workman

This post originally from my blog entry of May 31, 2010.

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