Thursday, January 23, 2020

365 Days of Power and Responsibility, Day 23: Who's That Girl

Oh no! Spider-Gwen is in trouble! And for once it's not because she can't decide what to title her comic book. No, The Divine Ms. S. is having problems with her powers (well, ain't that just the Parker Stacy luck!) It's fortunate she has as her pal the local science prodigy, Reed Richards (no, no that one) builds her a couple power bands (©1969 Rick Jones & Mar-Vell) that provide her with the oomph she needs to take a bite out of crime.

Panels from Spider-Gwen (December 2015 series) #11 (June 2016), co-plot by Dennis Hopeless and Robbie Thompson, co-plot and script by Jason Latour, pencils and inks by Bengal, colors by Rico Renzi, letters by Clayton Cowles

Do you know what comes with phenomenal cosmic power?!?

That's right! You know the drill:

Less dramatic, but also of note: Gwen's Earth-65 gets the best fast-food mascots.

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CalvinPitt said...

Took me a second to realize that was supposed to be a bull with a mask. I thought the mask was a bra or something and the mascot was a headless woman's upper body. I may need more sleep.