Thursday, October 19, 2017

365 Days of Defiance, Day 292: We Are Legion, Day Seven: The Boys Are Back in Town

At last, the climax and centerpiece of LSH #294: just when it seems like all is going well against the shadow hordes, the boss himself, That Jerk Darkseid™ shows up to undo all their good work and triumphs and replacement arm surgery. Darkseid, yer a jerk, and you always were. Ya bum.

Panels from Legion of Super-Heroes (1980 series) #292 (December 1982), co-plot and script by Paul Levitz, co-plot and pencils by Keith Giffen, inks by Larry Mahlstedt, colors by Carl Gafford, letters by John Costanza

But even as Light Lass falls, there's one Legionnaire — Shadow Lass — who will protect the mysterioius Child (oh yeah, forgot about him) from being captured and corrupted by Darkseid. Hey, does this two-page spread remind you of anything?

(Click picture to big-ass-darkness-size)

Hey, does this two-page spread remind you of anything?

The Creation of Adam (1508–1512), pencils, inks, and colors by Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, scripter unknown but probably Stan Lee

In all his millennia, including all those kick-ass Jack Kirby stories, Darkseid has never heard so much impudence as he's getting right now from Tasmia Mallor! To be fair, he's pretty old now and is at the equivalence of yelling "YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN." He's just so darn cranky. But Shadow Lass will not give up that child! Well, it's a stalemate, Darkseid, right? Ehhhh, maybe not. WHO WILL DEFY HIM NOW?!?


Darkseid sure is in for a world o' hurt now, huh? Eh, you'd be surprised. Tune in tomorrow!

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googum said...

I effin' love that Timber Wolf, my favorite Legionnaire, faces his greatest fear with "Hunh?" (And it's a callback to his very first appearance!)