Tuesday, August 15, 2017

365 Days of Defiance, Day 226: Marvel the Vote

It's Local Election Time in the Ms. Marvel Universe! And, you know, I never realized she had that gauntlet only on her left wrist. You learn something new every day!

Page from Ms. Marvel (2016 series) #13 (January 2017), script by G. Willow Wilson, pencils and inks by Mirka Andolfo, colors by Ian Herring, letters by Joe Caramagna

Like, f'r instance, Ms. Marvel learning that some people just have ass-stupid reasons for not voting.

That's why it pays to know the facts. And here's where The Divine Ms. M. explains it all for you, debunking common misconceptions about voting. For instance, did you know it doesn't say anywhere in the rulebook that a stuffed bull can't be President? (looks in rulebook, notices it does say that. Oh well.) Anyway, for her attention to detail and knowledge with a capital K-N, they oughta call her Ms. Snopes!

So make sure you are registered to vote! Even if you voted last year, double-check it! And if you're not, you can register to vote right now so you'll be ready for the local, state, and national elections coming up. Learn and know your rights, your candidates, and your time and place to vote. Get involved and get the word out!

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"Liberty and Jus"? Great. Now I'm hungry.