Tuesday, May 30, 2017

365 Days of Defiance, Day 150: E Pluribus Daucus Carota

Today's one-hundred-and-fiftieth (trust me, it'll all come together at some point) Day of Defiance is brought to you by Randy Sims, America's Only Sims Interested in Comic Books! Actually, I'm not entirely sure that's true, but I hoist my tiny mug of A&W Root Beer to you today, Randy! He suggested I feature one of the Greatest Covers of Civil Disobedience ever:

Cover of Flaming Carrot Comics #11 (March 1986), pencils and inks by Bob Burden, colors and letters by Roxanne Starr

Oh man, somebody collect and reprint the entire Complete Flaming Carrot soon, please! (Lookin' at you, Fantagraphics, or you, D+Q!) Because there's so much vegetable-based rebellion in this one issue I want you to go out and read it right now! Here's just one example:

So for this finest in anti-Russian propaganda at exactly the right time, we thank you, Flaming Carrot #11! And Спасибо, Comrade Randy Sims!

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Dave said...

That's a typewriter he's using on the cover.