Wednesday, February 01, 2017

The 1978 2017 DC Calendar of Super-Spectacular Disasters: February Freezing

It's now February, the winter month that knows better than to hang around too long, what with its icy chills. February is a short as possible, except for every four years when it gets a little too full of itself. Anyway, that means it's time for a freeze-themed (brrrrrrr!) DC Calendar of Super-Spectacular Disasters!

"February: The Flash" in The 1978 Calendar of Super-Spectacular Disasters; artwork by Irv Novick
(Click picture to iceberg-size)

Packing his Bermuda shorts instead of his snow pants, Flash goes to Florida in February. Much to my disappointment, he doesn't even get to wrestle any alligators. Instead, he's battling two cold-themed criminals, Captain Cold and Mister Freeze! Oooh, I bet there'll be lotsa ice puns in this story! In fact, there may be a flurry of them!

And while Flash and Kid Flash and their pet Cat Flash Fever face off against Captain Cold and Mister Freeze and Black Raspberry Slurpee Dog, let's take a peek at the JLA computer. (Beep! Boop! Bleep!) As you remember, throughout each month you darken specific squares on the grid to eventually reveal the head honcho behind the calamitous catastrophes faced by the Justice League! Sfter following all the instructions in January, here's what he have so far!

Well, it's still early days yet, but I think I see a horsie.

Also, here's another clue to the chief supervillain's identity, and it too is cold-themed!

I haven't the slightest idea who this mastermind could be, but at least we get a big lovely colorful fight sequence illo by Irv Novick all this February. Ice to see that!


Blam said...

Not pictured (for various reasons): Anita Bryant.

Evan Waters said...

So now we know that the villain has a head.


Daniel Frank said...

Is it Dr. Siviana? It's Dr. Siviana, isn't it?