Friday, February 17, 2017

365 Days of Defiance, Day 48: Lovely Legion Lass Laurel Licks Loathsome Lizardy Lords

Panels from Legion of Super-Heroes (1989 "Five Years Later" series) #34 (October 1992), Plot and breakdowns by Keith Giffen;, dialogue and story assist by Tom Bierbaum and Mary Bierbaum, pencils and story assist by Jason Pearson, inks by Karl Story, colors by Tom McCraw, letters by John Workman


-- MrJM said...

I sure loved the Five Years Later Legion.

-- MrJM

Bully said...

Me too, MrJM! in fact, those were the first Legion comics I ever read! Through #36 or so it is pretty much a perfect comic book.

(And yes, I was able to put it all together!)