Sunday, January 29, 2017

365 Days of Defiance, Day 29: Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

Panels from Avengers (1998 series) #54 (July 2002), script by Kurt Busiek, pencils by Kieron Dwyer, inks by Rick Remender, colors by Tom Smith, letters by Richard Starkings


Robby Reed said...

Is this supposed to be some kind of political commentary?

I guess you think this will have some effect on people.

Wow are you stupid.

I can see it now. Trump's chief of staff will run into the oval office screaming, "Mr. President, a comic book blogger doesn't like you! you'd better resign today!"

Idiocy such as your blog is WHY TRUMP WON.

You are too stupid to understand that you are essentially campaigning for him.


Keep up the good work!

Bully said...

Jeepers, Robby, you've been nothing but venomously rude to me in every single interaction we've had, both at your old blog and mine. I can only imagine what horrible thing a stuffed animal has done to you to inspire such hatred and anger.

I'm not interested in continuing this conversation. Maybe you should go spin your dial until a nice person comes out. Bye!

bitterandrew said...

Pick a fight with Bully and you'll be picking a fight with a *lot* of people.

Go pollute your own corner on the internet, son.

Steve Kopian said...

Robby Its hateful screaming like yours that is the reason that people are so anti Trump. Lower your voice speak clearly calmly and reasoned. If you behave like an infant we're going to treat you like one.

Robby if you don't like what Bully has to say-stay away- frankly you won't be missed. Loud shrill people screaming hate have no place here.

Obviously what Bully is doing isn't for you, but for the rest of us its a great comfort and we find it damn funny. I guess you lost your funny bone in the same accident that took your common sense- I mean jesus you're arguing politics with a stuffed bull(no offense Bully)

I see that you've had your opinion given to you by someone who over sold it's value. You also seem to think that if you don't waive it about you're going to lose it or have it stolen. I hate to inform you no one wants you're opinion, you may keep it in you're back pocket and never fear it going away since we don't care what you have to say. We've matured enough to not have go looking for validation by picking fights in places where we are not wanted.

I don't know why you feel the need to inflict your opinion on people, but just because we have your guy in the white house doesn't mean we have to listen to you. While you can say anything you want we don't have to listen. Feel free to unleash you're bile on the world just do it somewhere else, your mother's basement for example.

More importantly while you think Trump doesn't care that Bully dislikes him, I can be damn certain he cares even less about you and odds are he won't even piss on you if you were on fire if he couldn't steal your wallet at the same time. He's a rich bastard who only cares about himself and how much money he can make. Let me repeat that- HE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT YOU UNLESS YOU GIVE HIM MONEY.

If you want the liberals you hate so much to stop whining then stop behaving like an infant. Stop going to websites that obviously hurt your delicate sensibilities and who put your panties in a bunch. If you didn't pick a fight we wouldn't fight back. We would behave civilly if you and your leader did the same.

REMBER ROBBY- despite what you may think the fact that Bully and the vast majority of America doesn't like Trump (remember he LOST the popular vote) will piss your leader off. If you haven't noticed he has to be loved (he's actually worried about crowd sizes)- and every voice from person or stuffed bull hurts him other words what a Bully, a mere comics blogger is doing matters a hell of a lot more than you're lock step rudely shouting of platitudes for evil.

-- MrJM said...

"Wow are you stupid."

Gee! You seem super-smart and charismatic, Robbie!!1!

I can only assume that you are always surrounded by close friends and many beautiful women!!

Please feel free to spend your time with all of them rather than those who fail to appreciate your amazing political insights and wit!1!!

-- MrJM

Delta said...

How to punch online nazis in the face: delete 'em.

Aloysius Blutgeld said...

Yo Bully,
Thanks for doing this series, and for all the free uselessly specific education/entertainment over the past few years (I call it uspecedutainment!). When it's all this crappy, comics GOTTA be fun.

One thing - since these are all posted on the same day, the "Older Posts" button just hops back from the Titans to the Deadpool/Silverman one on the 29th. I'm a-fiending for those first twelve days.

Delta said...

Aloysius: I was similarly stumped for a while, and then I figured out how to get to them all with the "Previous Posts and Archive" sidebar tool (expanding this week).

Bully said...

Aloysius: I've actually noticed (and been puzzled) by that myself! Delta's suggestion works, but I think it will fix itself once I sort the posts into their actual dates, which I'm going to get to later today. Courage!

Bully said...

And many, many thanks and virtual hooves'-up to supporters and everyone who has said a kind word. It means a lot to me and I really appreciate it.

Blam said...

I get tripped up by the en masse retroactive posts occasionally. (Not that it's anything other than a happy problem to find a bunch of Bullyriffic content to feast upon!) The day these went live, I took note but couldn't go through them all; next time I visited, they were all properly backdated and I had to rely upon the sidebar's week-by-week archive, which as long as I haven't just cleared my browser history is great for spotlighting stuff I haven't yet seen — one reason why I always click through to posts' individual pages. Unfortunately, I often can't comment until after the backdating has occurred and my comments end up awaiting approval by our little stuffed pal. #FirstWorldBlogrems

Bully said...

Blam: yes, putting up 30+ posts in one day isn't ideal, and I won't be doing it very often! Altho' sometimes when I get behind I'll put up a bunch at once, it's seldom this many.

I need to remember to check the comments on older posts that go to automoderation more often -- thanks for reminding me!