Monday, January 23, 2017

365 Days of Defiance, Day 23: The Third- or Fourth-to-Last Jedi

Today, Janaury 23, Disney announced the title of the eighth or ninth Star Wars film: Star Wars: The Last Jedi. To which the accumulation of Star Wars fandom sighed "Oh, at last." But it's not the first Last Jedi! Back in the heady days of original Star Wars Fever, Marvel Comics published a powerful and touching tale called "The Last Jedi" which introduced Jedidiah, an alien with Star Wars-induced PTSD that has left him with the delusion (or memory?) that he was one of the fabled but extinct Jedi Knights.

Panels from Star Wars (1977 Marvel series) #49 (July 1981), script by Mike W. Barr, breakdowns by Walt Simonson, finishes by Tom Palmer, colors by Don Warfield and Christie Scheele, letters by Shelly Leferman

As befits his usual part in the Star Wars universe, C-3PO takes on the role of caretaker and nanny for the addled "Jedi." Still, even Threepio isn't without sympathy for Jedi.

Later, of course, Luke Skywalker is in trouble, so he lights up the Jedi Signal unconsciously sends out a psychic call for help! Of course, Jedi's run off to help, and Artoo is already planning his own alibi and framing Threepio.

Luke's hair is red in this sequence, by the way, not because of a coloring error (no blaming Christie "Max" Scheele!), but because he was disguising himself as Space-Danny Bonaduce, which explains why he's gotten involved in a deadly brawl. Also: sexy Imperial officer. HEY GEORGE I FIGGERED OUT HOW TO AMKE YOUR MOVIES BETTER

Jedi sacrifices his life to save Luke from the deadly blaster shot, thus giving up his chance to become a beloved recurring character in the Star Wars Universe, like the Tonnika Sisters or Yak Face.

Altho' we will never see Jedi again, and later on Luke becomes a true Jedi and therefore he really wasn't the Last Jedi, we shall always remember his honor and sacrifice. Until Disney blows up the Extended Universe. Boom!

Even so: May the Force be With You!

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