Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Month of... Celebrities in Comics, Day 24: The little harmonica is hammered

So no one told you life was gonna be this way
You're in a Civil War
And Rhodey's D-O-A
It's like you're still a prisoner of war
And if you remember your past
You killed a guy in issue 124

Well, she'll be there for you
'Coz she's Courteney Cox
If you're Iron Man
And you've got metal socks
She'll be there for you
Guest-starring in Iron Man 2

Panels from Iron Man (1998 series) #13 (February 1999), script by Kurt Busiek, pencils by Sean Chen and Patrick Zircher; inks by Lary Stucker, Eric Cannon, and Bud LaRosa; colors by Steve Oliff; letters by Wes Abbott

In the next panel, the Human Fly flies into Rumiko's mouth.

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