Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Month of... Celebrities in Comics, Day 19: Felicia, Felicia, Felicia

See if you can guess today's Celebrity in Comics before...before somebody else who hasn't read the comic does! So here's some panels from Amazing Spider-Man #246 (only one issue before they introduced the Legion of Spider-Heroes!).

Panels from Amazing Spider-Man (1963 series) #246 (November 1983); script by Roger Stern; pencils by John Romita Jr.; inks by Dan Green; colors by Bob Sharen; letters by Joe Rosen

‹web-1.0 blinky HTML tag› Clue!: ‹/web-1.0 blinky HTML tag› Have you noticed the amazing Spider-Diction? Does that sound like the Peter Parker we all know and love? Uh uh uh uh, you're not allowed to answer that question, Joe Quesada.

Why, it's star of stage, screen, radio, and flip books, Cary Grant! He's made one or two films, but what' being riffed on here is perhaps one of the greatest cat burglar movies of all time (after Disney's "That Darn Cat Who Stole the Pink Panther Emerald"): To Catch a Thief!

Sadly, this is not the debut of, as the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe would put it: SPIDER-MAN II (Archie Leach), but rather a romantic — and knowin' the Black Cat, probably about to get pretty adult-oriented — daydream. But it still counts because hey!: Celebrity!

Tomorrow: a major supervillain!

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