Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Month of... Celebrities in Comics, Day 11: It's really love, dear / I knew it from the start / You came my way, dear / Took away my heart*

Carson! Parker! They're cops! Wait, no they're not. One hosts a popular late night talk show and one is Spider-Man. Here's Peter Parker appearing on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon! Carson made occasional appearances in the Marvel Universe (most notably in Amazing Spider-Man #50), and heeeeeeeeeeres Johnny talking to Pete about his book of Spidey photos, Webs. The previous page has already told us that Pete was booked as a last-minute guest when Charles Nelson Reilly cancelled, and Peter's definitely on in the last five minutes of the show. Hey-yo!

Panels from Amazing Spider-Man #305 (Late September 1988), script by David Michelinie, pencils by Todd McFarlane, inks by a whole lotta guys depending on which page you're lookin' at, colors by Gregory Wright, letters by Rick Parker

There's another almost celebrity appearance in ASM #305 earlier in the book, when Spider-Man signs an autograph for an off-camera Glenn Close.

Also in that panel: J. Jonah Jameson's handsomer cousin, and Abraham Lincoln. (Or maybe it's just this guy from Danger!! Death Ray:)

Also making an appearance, likely just out of the panel, Felix the Cat.

But we all know the real reason to read this comic is this panel:

That's right: nobody can resist the sight of sexy, sexy Peter Parker in a swimsuit. Rwaaaaaaar!

*Betcha didn't know Johnny's Theme (The Tonight Show Theme) had lyrics!:


Delta said...


Terrence O'Malley said...

I did know that "Johnny's Theme" had lyrics. Before it was Johnny's theme. I forget where I learned the story. It might have been Little Steven's Underground Garage, or Kliph Nesteroff's invaluable blog, or one of the curated music programs I follow. The short story is one of those "I'll use your song, kid, if I get a co-writer credit."

Bully said...

It sounds like a similar arrangement to Gene Roddenberry being able to claim half-credit for the theme to Star Trek simply by adding (never-used) lyrics to Alexander Courage's music! rassin' frassin' roddenberry

Bully said...

Delta: you're right, it is Principal!

And I would pay good money to see Al Hirt in a comic book. Mama Bull always had lots of Al Hirt LPs, and he'd look great in a comic! Play "Flight of the Bumblebee," Al!