Monday, January 02, 2017

A Month of... Celebrities in Comics, Day 2: You're rocking up the wrong tree there, April

Hollywood starlet wanna-be April O'Day dreams of next-level love achievements Elvis Presley, Richard Chamberlain, and Tony Curtis!

Panel from "Midnight Cinderella" in Girls' Love Stories #109 (DC/National, February 1965), script by Robert Kanigher, pencils and inks by Bob Oksner

But the wah-wah-wahhhhhh reality of it all? When she goes to work she runs into Lorne Greene and Dan Blocker from TV's Bonanza.

Later, of course, as April's star rises, engulfing Hollywood in flames and burning it to the ground, she actually encounters major silver screen hearthrobs like Ernest Borgnine (be still, my beating heart!) and Rock Hudson (oooh, wouldn't he be a catch for any girl?!). I'm not certain who the guy in the middle with the surfboard is, nor why she is actually dating Jimmy Olsen.

It's rumored that April O'Day slightly changed her name and became Angel O'Day of the famous detective agency O'Day and Simeon. Motto: "We'll go ape to solve your crime!" The truth is, she later became Emma Stone.


joecab said...

Good luck with Rock, gal! You know how hard it is to pull those bachelor boys off their male friends.

You're very good at identifying some of these stars of the past; dunno if I woulda gotten Tony Curtis or a few of the less well-known or less accurately drawn ones.

Bully said...

Thanks joecab! I must be truthful as I am That Sort of Little Stuffed Bull: I get a lot of help from The Grand Comics Database. For instance:

Dave said...

Are you sure that's Tony Curtis? Looks more like James Darren to me.

And I'd swear that's Cary Grant with Jimmy and the surfboard.

How old Cary Grant?

Bully said...

Hmm, Dave, you might be correct about it being James Darren. To tell the truth, now I'm not sure! Anyone else got any suggestions?

And yeah, now that you mention it, it does look like Cary Grant. But Cary grant with a surfboard...I'm not sure yet.

I appreciate folks letting me know I might be wrong; not all of these are ones I can ID (especially in stories that feature multiple celebs)!