Saturday, December 24, 2016

Today in Comics History: USS Palomino is hit by a mysterious ink wave

Top: original pencils to panels from The Black Hole newspaper strip (September 2, 1979), pencils by Jack Kirby;
Bottom: inks and art corrections by Mike Royer, redrawing figures to fit Disney models;
both from The Jack Kirby Collector #32 (July 2001)


Evan Waters said...

Alex was redrawn to avoid a lawsuit from the publishers of Dan Dare, it seems.

Bully said...

Innnnteresting! I did not know that, Evan, thanks!

Yatz said...

Hey, not fair! I'm not a fan of Mike Royer's work with Kirby, but he was no Colletta (in the sense of not respecting the penciller's work)!

Evan Waters said...

I was actually kidding. He just looks kinda like him.

Bully said...

Ahhh! Ya got me, Evan!

(shrieks like Lucille Bluth discovering Gene Parmesan)

Bully said...

Yatz: you're absolutely right about Mike Royer. (And in some cases I actually like Colletta's work.)

But I will never let that stand in my way of writing a Vince Colletta joke! Haw!