Tuesday, December 20, 2016

366 Days with J. Jonah Jameson, Day 355: Hix Nix Pick-Up Stix

Whatever will Jonah's Cheapsake Christmas Bonus be today? Could it be a ratty old teddy bear? Or a can of you'll-poke-your-eye-out Pick-Up Sticks?

Panels from "Not a Creature Was Stirring" in Marvel Holiday Special 1996 one-shot (December 1996), script by Mark Waid, pencils by Pat Olliffe, inks by Brett Breeding, colors by Joe Andreani, letters by Jon Babcock

Maybe this time it'll be a thousand dollar Christmas bonus...

Oh. A thousand dollars in confederate money.

On the bright side, Peter got bus money. Looks like a cool seventy-five cents, which is nothing to scoff at. (Except that Manhattan bus fare in 1996 was a buck fifty.)

Me, on the other hand...I like pick-up-sticks.

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