Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Notes from the Tin Dispatch Box of John H. Watson, MD

Panels from Sherlock Holmes: The Seven-Per-Cent Solution #1 (August 2015), based on the novel by Nicholas Meyer, script by David Tipton and Scott Tipton, pencils and inks by Ron Joseph, colors by Jordi Escuin, letters by Deron Bennett;
and from Angel Love #1 (August 1986); script and pencils by Barbara Slate, inks by John William Lopez, colors by Bob LeRose, letters by Bill Yoshida


-- MrJM said...

What did people do before Angle Love?

-- MrJM

Blam said...

"I'm not really into Holmes. Too little acton."
"You might like this one — it's a real shoot-'em-up."