Sunday, October 02, 2016

366 Days with J. Jonah Jameson, Day 276: Justice, Like Lightning, From Another Universe...

Young Justice! Not to be confused with the excellent '80s band Lone Justice.

Yes, Young Justice, the Justice League of Tomorrow! Until their book was cancelled and replaced with all those unimpressive Teen Titans redux titles, but hey, it was fun while it lasted. But what's it doing in this feature? Why, it's because it features of the very few Eath-DC appearances of our Mustacheoed Maverick of Media Muckraking, J. Jonah Jameson! (The extra "J" is for "Justice!")

Panels from Young Justice (1998 series) #18 (March 2000), script by Peter David, pencils by Todd Nauck, inks by Lary Stucker, colors by Jason Wright, color separations by Digital Chameleon, letters:\ by Ken Lopez

Also, I've thrown in a bonus guest appearance there at the bottom of one of the Presidents in Comic Books! And Chelsea Clinton, who one day will probably be another President after she pilots the space shuttle into a time vortex and marries Wesley Crusher.

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