Monday, August 15, 2016

A Month of... Board Games! Day 15: Batman and Robin Chute First

Here's another game from that Concordium of Fun, the Batman Giant Games Book! (Here's the first one.) It's not just fulla games, it also has pictures to colour! here's one of 'em. get out yer crayons!

Today, the exciting game of skill known as Gotham Run! Which I thought was what you do if you want Tex-Max fast food and the only Taco Penguin is in Gotham City itself. But I was wrong.

"Gotham Run" from Batman Giant Games Book (World Distributors, Manchester, 1966), creators unknown
(Click picture to fists-of-justice-size)

The instructions show you that unlike most of the other games I've presented so far in this series, the object is not a race to the end, but instead a carnival-type spin-the-coin competition. Pennies and ha'pennies are suggested for use, but I am instead saving those to feed the birds. I'd recommend pennies and dimes, or, if you live in Latveria: Doomducats and Minidooms. For best results and to avoid costly harm to funriture, do not use the giant penny found in the cave beneath your home.

Riddle me this, Batman: When does it rain money? A: When there's "change" in the weather! Also, when you drop the coins on the playing board using the patented Batchute. No, not this...

...but this! It's a make-it-yourself spinner to twirl and drop the coin! Ask your parents if you can use scissors. That's just good advice all the time.

(Click picture to giant-centrifuge-size)

Follow these instructions to make the Bat-Chute! Unless you're one of those people who never reads instructions. You know who you are.

That's all you need to play Gotham Run! Aside from an actual desire to play Gotham Run.

Also: free at no additional pounds and/or pence, a games board for draughts or chess! I imagine you can use pennies and nickels for the pieces to play draughts, which is checkers with the windows open. For chess...well, just take the pieces out of your chess set and use those. And I suppose you can use the board in your chess set, too. Wait, this board is useless for chess!

Unless you've been hoarding these fine collectibles! Yes, the Batman Chess Set, each fine piece available from the Franklin Mint for a low monthly price of $79.99 plus shipping and handling for each elegantly designed chess...guy.

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