Friday, August 05, 2016

A Month of... Board Games! Day 5: Do Not Pass Carggg, Do Not Collect Two Hundred R.J. Brande Fun Bucks

Little-Known Members of the Legion of Super-Heroes, Entry SP-9:

Panel from Legion of Super-Heroes (1989 series) #49 (Early November 1993), script by Tom Bierbaum and Mary Bierbaum, pencils by Darryl Banks and Stuart Immonen, inks by Pam Eklund and Ron Boyd, colors by Tom McCraw, letters by Bob Pinaha

Spaceopoly Lad (2977-2999) was never an official member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, but he played one on 3-D Holovision Televisual Entertainitudinal Prisms.

Obsessed by Parker Clones' Famous Board Game of Space Property One Thousand Years in the Future™, Spaceopoly Lad was the go-to Legionnaire whenever Mon-El or Ultra Boy were on assignment and the rest of the Legion was bored senseless. Despite his torrid affair with Dream Girl, he never quite cracked the Top 100 "Legionnaires You'd Like to Spend a Day With" popularity list.

Sadly, because there is no real Spaceopoly game, I can't bring it to you. Instead: here's the Legion of Super-Heroes History Board Game! Please make sure the dice are not made of Kryptonite or lead, and Invisible Boy is not allowed to be the banker. It's a game so galactically huge that it has to come in two pieces! (Use some Space Tape to glue 'em together.)

"Legion History: The Board Game!" from Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #1 (February 2011); pencils and inks by Brian Douglas Ahern, colors by Nathan Eyring
(Click picture to Gim Allon-size)

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