Friday, September 04, 2015

The Star Wars toys unboxing event today was actually pretty disappointing

Star Wars The Force Awakens Early Bird Certificate Package
(Click picture to over-expectation-size)


timber-munki said...

The logo looks awful, it 'The Force Awakens' pushing it's way between Star & Wars, almost like an afterthought.

Mikester said...

I got one of these when I was a kid...believe it or not, I wasn't disappointed! It was pretty exciting to know you had something neat coming in the mail to you.

The disappointment set in when I finally received the action figures and my package was missing R2-D2. I actually wrote a letter to Kenner (complete with drawings of R2 because I was 8 years old) complaining about the missing droid and requesting a replacement...which I received a few weeks later.

Of course, at that point I couldn't wait that long so I ended up buying an R2 off the shelf before the replacement arrived, and eventually I had Dueling Artoos.